How to Vinyl Wrap a Car

by Vinyl Wraps for Cars

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WARNING: You may damage or permanently destroy your car’s paint or body if you attempt this project. Improper implementation or improper use of tools may also result in bodily harm. Vinyl Wraps for Cars, its partners, and its subsidiaries claim no responsibility in regards to damage or injury. This site is solely informational and is NOT intended to be used as directions or instructions to perform the activities herein.

In other words, please allow trained professionals to complete your vinyl car wrap process and job!

The Physics behind How to Vinyl Wrap a Car

In order to best learn how to vinyl wrap a car, it is important to understand the theory behind the physics of vinyl wrap in general. Vinyl, a synthetic resin-based plastic, is made of polyvinyl chloride or related polymers. It can be adhered to smooth and porous surface with just the application of heat. Because of the nature of application, it can be removed from nonporous surfaces, such as car paint, with little to no damage, if done so correctly.

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What is Vinyl Wrap?

Our Car Wrap Process

Although we strong suggest that you do not perform this as a beginner, our car wrap process will give you the best idea of how to wrap a car with vinyl vehicle wrap.

There are a few important factors which we will discuss in great detail through the links below which make the difference between a horrible disaster of a vinyl wrap job and one that gives you the results that you really want.

The Recipe for How to Vinyl Wrap a Car includes: Tools & Vinyl, Preparation, Wrapping Process, and Cleaning & Care.

Car Wrap Process
  • How to select the right vinyl & tools...
  • Tools & Vinyl Needed for Car Wraps

    If you want to learn how to vinyl wrap a car properly, you are going to need the right tools and the right vinyl for your project. In this section, you will find out both!

    Tools & Vinyl

  • How to prepare to vinyl wrap a car...
  • How to Prepare a Car for Vinyl Wrapping

    Once you have your materials, you can just slap the vinyl on the car, right? WRONG! The proper way to prepare to vinyl wrap a car is to clean the car with special car cleaning agents.


  • How to vinyl wrap a car
  • Wrapping Process

    In this section, you will find out a great many tips and tricks for vinyl wrapping a car. Don’t try to skip to here to expedite learning how to vinyl wrap a car. All sections are necessary.

    The Process

  • How to Clean & Care for Vinyl Wrap for a Car
  • How to Clean & Care for a Vinyl Wrap for a Car

    When you spend the time and money required to vinyl wrap your car, you can’t just let it degrade over time. Vinyl car wraps require some special attention. Check here to find out how to clean and care for vinyl wrap for a car.

    Cleaning & Care